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Birthdate:Jun 11
Location:Washington, United States of America

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Hello! You're looking at a student, writer, musician, and general culture-geek. This journal is mostly friends-only for privacy's sake, but if you've read some of my open posts and you're interested (or if we've talked on a community), feel free to leave a comment and we'll see about that friending thing. Things I do: writing (fiction), poetry, photography, cosplay, occasional fanwork, vocal music, and sometimes activism; I'm passionate about history, particularly the history of war, and language.

I am also: female, liberal, moderately socialist, atheist, pro-choice, pro-diplomacy, universalist, American (of the USA variety), strictly homosexual, a tea-drinker, allergic to coffee, sadistic towards characters, a pseudo-pacifist with a military fetish, an anime fan, an all-purpose cook, an occasional actor, a slightly-obsessive cosplayer, and a gamer.

What I should be am totally doing right now: Political Science 101, World Lit, writing the Great American Novel (... or something like that), working on cosplay, studying Japanese, reading a lot, and (glumly considering) wrangling my way through math.

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"... Ah, quickly we move through the ruins that bow to the ground;
the old men and children they send out to face us, they can't slow us down..."
- Roads to Moscow, by Al Stewart

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"Writing is the act of saying I, of imposing oneself upon other people,
of saying listen to me, see it my way, change your mind."

-- Joan Didion

Interests (140):

adrien brody, al stewart, anime, apple products, art, avatar: the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, bears, becoming the villainess, brokeback mountain, chess the musical, china, clothes, coldplay, cooking, culture, cyrillic, dance, dave matthews band, ddr, death note, doctor who, earl grey tea, economics, edvin marton, eight days of luke, equality, erasure, evgeni plushenko, f(x), fashion, ffvii, figure skating, final fantasy series, final fantasy vii: advent children, food, french, friends, fyodor dostoyevsky, gay rights, geekery, geeks, german, getbackers, girls, glenn miller, gorillaz, gorillaz: rise of the ogre, gundam wing, herman hesse, history, how i met your mother, howl's moving castle, inglourious basterds, international relations, ipods, iron man, iwasaki taku, japan, japanese, jason mraz, jeeves & wooster, jeeves and wooster, joe hisaishi, johnny weir, kamikaze girls, keane, lady gaga, language, laptops, linguistics, love, mandarinn chinese, manga, maroon 5, massive attack, michael bublé, muffins, music, nanowrimo, ninjas, noro yarn, nymphomation, oolong, peace, people, peter pan, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, plot bunnies, poetry, polisci, political science, politics, product(red), rashomon, robin hood bbc, roleplay, rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead, russian, sade, samurai champloo, sanjuro, schindler's list, second person, seven samurai, slash, snsd, socialism, soon i will be invincible, spirited away, squid, stars, steppenwolf, swann's way, tea, tempura, tengen toppa gurren lagann, teriyaki, the bartimaeus trilogy, the dark knight, the darklord of derkholm, the emperor's new groove, the full spectrum, the gap, the king of attolia, the pianist, the queen of attolia, the thief, the world, torchwood, vienna teng, vurt, writing, wwii, yojimbo, yoshida brothers, yu-gi-oh!, Тату
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